Planning a Temporary Move?

Planning a Temporary Move?

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Temporary moveYou never really realize how challenging it will be to pack for a temporary move until you actually start trying to figure out what you can’t live without. There are a lot of reasons why temporary moves arise and different scenarios demand unique packing tactics. Below are Market Street Homes’ tips for planning for a smooth temporary move.

Decide on Housing

If you are going to be at the location 6 months or longer, renting a house is a good idea, especially if you have a family. If it is only you, or you and a significant other, a small furnished studio apartment or loft in the heart of the city might be perfect for you. This would put you within walking distance to public transportation and a variety of amenities.

Extended stay hotels are another great option. Many have kitchenettes, onsite laundry and a fitness room. If you are only staying briefly, or only staying for a few days at a time, then a regular hotel might suit you fine.

Decide if You Need Temporary Storage

If your lease is done, and you are moving away temporarily, you will probably just want to put everything in a storage facility. Opt for a climate-controlled unit. They usually cost a little more, but they protect sensitive items from being compromised by temperature changes and humidity. If you are renting your place out while you are gone, you could just leave the furniture and kitchen supplies to attract others that need furnished temporary housing.

Determine Your Needs

It does not matter if you are relocating temporarily, leaving for college, moving in with a sick relative, or renovating your home, you need some type of storage solution. Portable units have become quite popular. They get dropped at your home, you load it and then it gets picked up and stored until you are ready. Self-storage units are another great option. You may consider storing everything in a garage or basement. However, don’t forget how the weather can hurt things. Plus, insects and rodents become issues, as well.

Packing Tips

  1. Make a list in advance. As soon as you know you are moving this should be done, so you have time to tweak it. Depending on where you are staying, you may not even need bedding, dishes, etc.
  1. Get familiar with the climate. If you live somewhere that is always warm, but you are going somewhere significantly colder, you might want to wait until you arrive to buy a coat and boots. This way, you will have less to pack. When it is time to leave, you can just ship a few boxes to yourself back home.
  1. Take inventory while packing. Whether you are renting your place out furnished or putting everything in storage, you should take inventory of your belongings. Be sure to take photos of valuables for insurance purposes.

If you plan ahead and put a lot of thought into packing, you will have an increased chance of starting your adventure in your new area with a very positive attitude. Be sure to base your packing on where you are going and what type of housing you are staying in. Every person has unique needs, so basing your decision on the acts of others will leave you disappointed with your experience.

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