How to Stage Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget

How to Stage Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget

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Stage Your HomeAs a home seller, you may have heard the expression “staging your home for sale”; it simply means getting your house ready to be shown to potential buyers once it is listed for sale. Some people go all out and spend thousands of dollars to have their home professionally staged, while many people try to avoid investing significant amount on staging. Below are some ways you can stage your home for next to nothing!

Clean Like You’ve Never Done Before

The biggest aspect potential homebuyers are going to notice when they walk through your home is how clean it is. A home that is pristine not only shows better, but it can also look newer and well cared for. If you have the money available, it can be worthwhile to have your home professionally cleaned. If you don’t feel like shelling out money for this expense, it is still worthwhile to have the hard-to-clean areas done – i.e. like having your exterior power washed. Buyers are going to want to see every part of your home, so leave no area untouched.

Make It Less Personal

You want potential buyers to easily imagine themselves living in your home, and keeping personal items around can detract from this picture. You should consider putting away any photos, keepsakes or belongings around your home, as this will also help declutter it and make it appear roomier. It is a good idea to also cover up those markings on the wall where you kept track of your children’s growth – while you may find it adorable, a potential buyer will just see it as work they will have to do when they move in.


Since you are going to have to move everything out of your home eventually, why not start now? If you can, rent a storage space; that way you won’t have a mountain of boxes all over your garage or basement. Potential buyers want to see as much of your home as possible – so when it comes to your furniture and other “stuff” – less is definitely more.

Appearance is Everything

They say first impressions are everything, and home buying is no exception. If a home looks well-cared for on the outside, potential homebuyers will assume the same attention has been devoted to the inside as well. If you can hire professional landscapers to come and clean things up, it will only help you. If you don’t want to invest any money, however, you can certainly do enough on your own to make your home’s exterior look presentable.

Lighten Up

It’s important you stage your home in its best light – literally! Buyers will be drawn to homes that are bright and let in a lot of natural light. Having your home well-lit will also help buyers enjoy that wonderful cleaning job you did as well! Be sure to open up all your blinds and turn on any accessory and appliance lights in your kitchen. If you need to add more light, you can find plenty of great lamps for almost nothing!

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