6 Tips for Renting Your Home for Extra Income

Posted by Meghan Hibert // July 27, 2015

renting your home

The thought of renting your home or even just the basement or room above the garage can stir up a lot of different feelings. You are excited about the extra income, overwhelmed over legalities, and nervous that you won’t find a good tenant. Being a landlord can be stressful, but it can also be very […]

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Home Repairs Home Sellers MUST Make Before Selling

Posted by Meghan Hibert // July 13, 2015

home repairs

You want your home to sell fast and for the highest price possible. Ignoring minor home repairs can get in the way of this goal. Not every buyer is looking to take on several do-it-yourself projects as soon as they move in. Besides, some things on this list can trigger a write up during an […]

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Make Sure You Factor In These Ongoing Homeowner Expenses

Posted by Meghan Hibert // June 29, 2015

homeownership expenses

When it comes to home ownership, your down payment, closing costs, and mortgage payments are just the beginning. To accurately determine how large of a house payment you can comfortably work into your budget, you need to make sure you are factoring other potential expenses into the equation as well. 1. Insurance – Homeowners insurance […]

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How to Use “Comps” as a Home Seller

Posted by Meghan Hibert // June 15, 2015


A comparable sale, more commonly referred to as “comp” in real estate lingo, is a recently sold property that is very similar to your property. Comps can be helpful in determining market value and deciding on a listing price for your home. 1. Proximity – The most relevant comp is going to be in your […]

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5 Ways to Save for Your Down Payment

Posted by Meghan Hibert // June 1, 2015

down payment

If saving for a down payment were easy then you probably wouldn’t feel such a huge sense of accomplishment when you finally buy your home. The majority of the population lives on a budget. Maybe you even live from one paycheck to the next, so the thought of saving up enough money to buy a […]

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Price Your Home to Sell Fast

Posted by Meghan Hibert // May 18, 2015

sell fast

You want the best possible price for your home, but at the same time, you want it to sell fast. You have a better chance of realizing both of these goals, if your listing price is your best price. So, how do you determine that magic number that’s not too high or too low? These […]

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