6 Tips to Creating a Great Open House Experience

6 Tips to Creating a Great Open House Experience

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open houseHomes can’t talk and they certainly do not sell themselves! Having an open house is a great way to attract interested parties and give them the opportunity to explore every inch of it. Not every open house is a success, but these tips will help you make the most of every buyer that walks through the door.

  1. Spring Cleaning – When it comes to getting your home ready for the open house, it should always be “Spring Cleaning” season – no matter the month.
  1. Stash Your Personal Stuff – Photos, personalized wedding trays, crafts the kids made, awards, etc. all need to be hidden. You might as well just pack them, so they are ready for your move. Personalized items are very distracting and can make it difficult for a stranger to imagine living there.
  1. Mini Makeovers – Could your home use a fresh coat of paint, area rug, or new curtains? Is your kitchen outdated and in need of new counters and cabinets? Any upgrades you plan on making should be done prior to your first open house, if possible.
  1. Eco-Friendly Upgrades – If you are replacing lighting, appliances, etc. consider purchasing environmentally-friendly options. Since they are energy efficient, they are good for the environment and the potential buyer’s wallet, so these are features anyone can appreciate.
  1. Anticipate Questions – To help buyers connect with the home and area prepare a list of all the closest parks, grocers, pharmacy, cafĂ©, hospital, etc. If you have a recommendation for a local babysitter or a “must order” item from the closest Chinese takeout venue, add these. Also include points about the home they may ask, such as when the hot water heater was last replaced or if the chimney was swept after last winter
  1. Send Them Home with a DVD – There is a good chance many of the potential buyers that come through your doors are also looking at other homes in the area. Instead of sending them home with a flier, make a DVD and your list of favorite places in the area; as they are leaving, make sure they take the “to-go gifts” with them when they walk out the door so as to have a reminder of your open house once they get back to their home.

When handled properly, an open house can be a very valuable tool. However, for one to be successful, you need to do a lot more than tidy up and stick a sign out front. If you are going to have an open house make the most of it with these tips above!

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